COVID-19 UPDATE: Our physical studio is reopening. Due to guidelines, we can only host 6 students in our studio at this time. Secure your space while you can!

Here is a roundup of what we’re putting in place to keep you safe. We will continually review how it is all working to ensure we adapt to the guidelines.

  • All classes pre-booked and paid online.
  • A maximum of 6 people in class.
  • All mats generously spaced apart, our studio has large windows and high ceilings so it can be well ventilated.
  • Places to put your mat are marked with floor stickers, filled in a particular order to ensure less cross over.
  • One person at a time entering and exiting the Yoga Shala, walking to the toilet etc.
  • Socks and mask worn to move through the space until you’re on your mat.
  • Please arrive dressed for practice. Changing rooms not available at this time.
  • Daily full ventilation and clean.
  • Hand sanitiser stations available throughout the space
  • Everyone is encouraged to bring their own equipment.
  • If using our yoga mats please ensure to place a towel over it and use the sprays provided to clean after use.
  • Yoga mats are free of charge. £2 sticky yoga towel available for hire.
  • All our staff have completed health and safety training for the space.

What is exciting and what you can expect coming back to the studio:

  • Positive energy
  • A peaceful, grounding space
  • An opportunity to rest and restore
  • Practicing in a small group of likeminded people
  • Teachings of high quality
  • Friendly faces
  • Real life interactions

More classes are now available to book, with weekly in studio classes for those of you desperate to get back to something that almost feels normal.

If you’re practicing with us online, enjoy your practice from home as we bring our Shala to your Shala! 

Either way, we can’t wait!

LEARN: Classes to give you the tools to embark on your Yoga journey. Encompassing the concept of practicing physical asana to prepare the body for meditation.

DEEPEN: A variety of styles and self-practice. Combinations of practises to encourage connection, growth and confidence. Always introducing the element of meditation.

REFINE: Practises based on technique, new knowledge and awareness to improve specific areas. Includes ‘How To’ asanas, peak pose practises and upside down. Fun classes for those who are curious and ready for a challenge.