Foundation Workshop 

Social distancing has reminded us what a crucial role touch plays in our wellbeing. Touch is the sense we take most for granted, but we miss it when it’s gone. The tender touch of others is now known to boost the immune system, lower blood pressure, decrease the level of stress hormones such as cortisol and trigger the release of the same kind of opiates as painkilling drugs. Premature babies grow when rubbed lightly from head to foot. Massages reduce pain and people with dementia who are hugged and stroked are less prone to irritability and depression. Psychologists even have a term for the feelings of deprivation and abandonment we experience: “skin hunger”. 

I still remember my first Reflexology as a client. I was 9 years old and absolutely loved it! The whole concept spoke to me and somehow it made absolute sense even with very little explanation. To me, it’s crucial that we learn to live holistically when dis-ease or unease shows up in the body.

As a caring professional I feel responsible to not only offer healing touch as a service, but to empower you to connect to yourself, awaken your inner healer, build self trust and normalise the concept of mindful touch when connecting to those you love. 

I am bringing to you this special workshop to raise awareness, educate, and revive the practice of healing in your day to day life. 


Would you make time to learn a new skill while nurturing one of your favourite people, be nurtured in return and rekindle your mind-body connection through mindful healing practices like Reflexology? 

If so, look no further and reserve you and your loved one a space on this informative, inspiring and joyful introductory Reflexology workshop. 

This course is very ‘hands on’. You will work on each other’s feet to gain practical experience so that you leave feeling comfortable giving and receiving a nourishing and relaxing treatment. 


  • the origins of Reflexology
  • the theory behind Reflexology
  • the benefits
  • contra-indications (when not to treat)
  • about maps of the feet and how to read them
  • Reflexology techniques
  • how to create a ‘healing’ space to carry out the treatment 
  • maintaining good posture, how stretch before and after
  • how to give a simple treatment to bring about relaxation and help relieve stress
  • after care necessary
  • about living a more holistic lifestyle and introducing restorative Yoga to seal the day


  • Your partner, friend or family members love massage
  • You value and are curious about the processes of natural healing 
  • You wish to apply a more holistic approach to your life and the ones you love
  • You wish to support and provide relief and support to someone who is poorly
  • You are a couple and wish to learn something new as a mean to connect
  • You simply want to learn a new, practical skill
  • You would like to improve the health and balance of a family member or friend
  • You wish to find out more about the benefits of natural therapies
  • You’re interested in a taster before considering professional training


  • Easy, accessible and fun to learn
  • Small friendly, safe and informal groups (max 6 people)
  • A chance to meet and connect with likeminded people
  • Individual attention and guidance from Erica who holds over 5 years of Holistic Therapies experience
  • Yummy energy bites with refreshments offered throughout the afternoon!
  • Take away an informative manual guide along with an A4 size foot chart 
  • Enjoy a super relaxing, cosy and ultra Restorative Yoga practice to seal the day, let go and unwind in our peaceful city centre haven. 


  • loose comfortable clothing
  • short clean fingernails (best not to wear rings)
  • notepad and pens
  • own water bottle
  • to make sure you have eaten before the workshop starts


Social Break, Tea & Energy Bites

Final Relaxation | Restorative Yoga (No experience required)

LIMITED AVAILABILITY with only 3 passes (total of 6 people).

You must come with one other person.

Early Bird PASS for Two £110 (ends 10/06/21)

Regular PASS for Two £125