I began my journey with a desire to support people’s wellbeing, to be of service, to encourage people to slow down and take care of themselves. ID Holistics was created to provide a community space to escape from day-to-day life. The majority of us feel like all we have is work or home, spending our free time living a hedonistic lifestyle with unhealthy social habits. We all need a safe space where we can escape and connect to ourselves; your retreat in the city.

My intention is to create opportunities for self-development, human connection and fulfilment on all levels in a fast-growing city where disconnection can often permeate and disrupt work-life balance. Encouraging other health professionals to grow their own practice in a sustainable manner has also recently become one of my many missions for the future.

When I trained as a therapist, I soon noticed that massage offerings can often have a ‘one-size fits all approach’, lacking that human connection. This didn’t make sense to me. Each person is unique, with their own emotions and bodies, so they must be treated uniquely. I began to develop my own style of holistic therapy, with you at the forefront.  

As an empathetic individual I practice mindful listening to identify and address physical imbalances by guiding the body towards its own natural healing abilities. I deliver intuitive and attentive bodywork to open up the potential for deep releasing. I make each session meaningful by steering the body towards stillness, relaxation and mostly self-awareness. I believe in practicing holistically as I focus on both physical and emotional needs to create balance and connection between the body and the mind.

After 3 years of working independently and some battles with my own self-doubt, I decided it was time to take a leap of faith and create new opportunities. I joined forces with a dedicated, like-minded team of Therapists and Yoga teachers with a shared value of creating a space for clients to grow and learn together. Collectively, we believe that the greatness of a community is measured by the compassionate actions of its members. 

The aim to expand from therapy to a comprehensive holistic space is to help our community find real balance, enabling people to understand how they can support their own health. Feeling empowered and whole on a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level through yoga. Rather than needing or relying solely on massage once a month, then going back to old habits. 

When I discovered and fell in love with the hatha yoga sequence I never looked back. The sequence taught me so much about myself, my body, mind and emotional state. It gave me structure, self-discipline and allowed me to evolve. I discovered something that had to be shared with our community. My belief is that yoga, whichever style it may be, is a lifestyle that allows you to completely get to know yourself.

Your yoga practice is exactly that. Yours. No practice is the same, despite the sequence. You take what you need from it. No expectations. No judgement. Our teachings are mindful and allow you to do as little or as much as you wish/want/need because you should respect your body and its limits. If the intention to better ourselves is present, then all we have to do is take action, turn up, learn as we go and trust the process of change. We develop our abilities based on what we can already do. 

Everyone deserves a chance to explore their own unique qualities and abilities.There are no negative experiences. Only opportunities to grow. 

Trust the process. Love it. Embrace it. Treasure it.

Erica x