Sunday 26th of July

7-8.15 PM

For centuries women have been coming together to celebrate the highs of life, commemorate the low ones, and generally strengthen the bonds of sisterhood through conversation and shared experiences.
This is an invitation to do just that in a calm and soothing (virtual) environment where you can choose to either share, join the conversation or simply listen from the comfort of your own home.

We understand that all beings are unique and each one of us is sensitive to the environment and events that surround us in an individual way. To us, all stories and experiences are highly valued as we believe that an open conversation can help us feel less disconnected, more empathic towards ourselves and others, and accepting of our collective state.


Our mindful get together is aimed at all women who are challenged with feelings of overwhelm, women who are or have been affected by the pandemic and those generally seeking an open, yet relaxed conversation.


Donya Taher is the founder of The Authenticity, a social enterprise focusing on giving back to the community. Their aim is to create an inclusive space, where women can celebrate the messiness of being human. Donya firmly believes in creating and sharing, mindful, empowering content that nourishes your growth and cultivates a more authentic self.

Erica Marmai is the founder of ID Holistics, a Vibrant Therapy, Yoga and Community Studio based in the Heart of Leeds. Erica hosts Self-Awareness, Meditation & Holistic Health based events with the aim to provide a safe space for conscious health and connection. Erica envisions offering a home away from home where you can find work-life balance, replenish your energies, enhance your life and grow on all levels within the community.


Please send us an e-mail using the form below and include your full name. We will send you a Zoom Link to join us online before the event.
This is a free event open to all.
You are welcome to share the reasons you are choosing to join the circle and let us know if you’d prefer not to talk during the meet up.
Please note you won’t be asked to talk unless you want to.


Erica & Donya Introduction
10 minutes grounding meditation and light stretching
Open Conversation with Donya – The Highs and Lows of these past few months

Erica & Donya xxx