Our private yoga classes last 75 minutes and you have the option to share the cost with one other person or a bubble group session at an additional cost.

Investment || Single Class 1.15h Private Yoga £60

Investment || 4 Yoga classes 1.15h £220 (save £20)

*Investment – Block of 4 classes must be scheduled over 4 consecutive weeks and to be paid upfront (50% deposit required to secure booking)

Bubble Single Class Investment Options:

£60 – 1 or 2 person bubble 

£65 – 3 person bubble 

£70 – 4 person bubble 

£75 – 5 person bubble


You have the opportunity to take a One To One Session with either Erica or Joseph.


In a private yoga class we will show each pose directly. We will concentrate on personal interests, concerns or goals to achieve, for example, better flexibility, strength, improved relaxation and sleeping patterns or meditation.

We will create a personalised routine based on the information you give us beforehand in order to focus on individual needs and ensure that the poses will not further injure or strain the body.

In this way you’ll be able to practice safely at home, gain more confidence by learning the basics of yoga, gaining the awareness and knowledge needed to join a regular group class.


There are many great reasons why you should book yourself in for a private class with our yoga teacher Joseph! A lot of people can feel intimidated coming to yoga for the first time. Gaining initial experience in a safe environment with a knowledgeable teacher will reduce any anxiety about joining scheduled classes. 

One to one sessions aren’t just for complete beginners. Private classes help you stay on track with your goals/achievements. They serve as a great source of motivation to mindfully progress into more advanced asanas (yoga poses).

Many of us come into yoga with health conditions, prior injuries and niggles, meaning adjustments need to be made. An outside eye can help reduce further problems by tuning into any alignment issues and bad habits that can be corrected. Together we can create a yoga series that is both healing and caters to your individual needs. Yoga is for every body!

If you have a busy work schedule which interferes with both our class timetable and arriving at the studio space, then ZOOM appointments are also an option for you. Meaning you can practice anywhere, even at your workplace.

Drop us an e-mail to hello@idholistics.co.uk so we can get back to you with more details and availability.