Therapist + Yoga Facilitator + Creator + Manager at ID Holistics

As an empathetic individual I practice mindful listening to identify and address physical imbalances by guiding the body towards its own natural healing abilities. I deliver intuitive, attentive teachings and bodywork to open up the potential for deep releasing.

I aim to make each session meaningful by steering the body towards stillness, relaxation, but mostly self awareness. I believe in practicing holistically as I focus on both physical and emotional needs to create balance and connection between the body and the mind.

I am passionate about breath, movement and the link between the emotional and physical world. I facilitate wellbeing sessions with the intention to bring people together and make space for deep, inner and outer connection.

I am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists since 2016; and my qualifications include an ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Complementary Therapies, a VTCT level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy and a comprehensive 400 hrs TTC in Hatha, Vinyasa and Hot Hatha Yoga.


Holistic Therapist + Organic Health Advocate + Yoga Teacher

Lucy has been practicing as a Holistic Therapist since 2006. Her practice revolves around creating community, taking the time to have conversations, seek understanding and creating a safe space.
Lucy is a strong advocate for mental and Women’s health, and believes massage therapy as well as yoga offer the opportunity to provide a comfortable space and holistic environment that can allow internal healing to take place in a positive and safe way.

Each treatment that Lucy offers is customised to the needs of the individual using various therapeutic techniques alongside a combination of selected natural plant extracts and essential oils. Lucy’s skills and knowledge enable her to connect and work with the person as a whole aiming at the overall physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of the individual.


Yoga Teacher + Life Coaching Trainee + Community Guide

Yoga came to me when I was soul searching abroad, I had met a local medicine man in Bali who looked deep into my soul and gave me the guidance I needed to shift my consciousness. From that moment, I have been on a journey of self development, self awareness and svadhyaya (self- study).

I completed TTC Integrated Restorative Yoga 200hr with Swami Krishnananda Yogashram, specialising in therapeutic yoga. My class style is authentic to the Hatha teachings in India, integrated with a subtle hint of yoga philosophy leaving you feeling inspired and nourished. You can expect a balance of energising movement, deep relaxation and a breath focused practice encouraging you open and let go.


Yoga Teacher + Meditation Guide

Wherever you are in your life and whatever you do, yoga has something to teach, and you never come out of the practice the same as you were before. For Maja, Yoga is that beautiful transition that happens in our bodies, mind, and spirit – when we decide to squeeze an hour of practice into our daily routine. Teaching Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow, Maja believes that yoga has something to offer at any point in your life; as she fell in love with yoga and meditation as a child, yoga supported every stage of her life and soon after she choose to transition from dance to dedicate more time study of art, yoga became not only physical support of the body but a way of life itself.

She completed 200h Ashtanga Vinyasa teaching training at Samporna Yoga Goa and 200h Vinyasa Flow at Sattva Yoga Academy in the Himalayas. Movements of yoga are very natural to our being, and so are Maja’s yoga classes where she shares her love for movement, body and a healthy approach to life.Come and spend some happy yoga time together.


Yoga + Sound Meditation Guide

After practicing yoga regularly for nearly a decade Alison has recently developed the desire to share and encourage people to incorporate this wonderful practice into their own lives. Alison treasures the importance of well-being as a place where together we can take time to nourish and restore ourselves. Her offerings include hot yoga, meditation & sound relaxation with an approach that ultimately aims at reducing stress, anxiety as well as developing physical & mental awareness.

Alison’s personal experience and knowledge has inspired her to create Well-Being with Alibutty.


Yoga Teacher

Kayla came to yoga through a desire to do more for her mind and body. Practising for years as a private student with a Hatha teacher, Kayla wanted to understand more about yoga’s philosophy. So, in 2015 Kayla completed her yoga teacher training with Yoga Haven. Since then she has taught Hatha and Vinyasa regularly and in 2017 Kayla did her Restorative yoga teacher training in Tokyo, Japan at Sun and Moon, an amazing studio run by Leza Lowitz (who has been practicing restorative yoga since the 60s!).

Kayla’s classes suit all abilities. She has a really soothing ‘no pressure’, informal but encouraging teaching style and she can always help you adjust postures to your needs.

When out of the studio Kayla loves studying astronomy, travelling and reading.


Yoga Teacher

Jess began practicing yoga in California, embedding it into her daily life upon realising the many physical and mental benefits. As a musician, Jess found that flowing to music throughout yang classes, offered a valuable and expressive tool that could alter mood and energy levels, while also strengthening and releasing tension from the body. She then delved further into the vast subject of yoga and discovered yin, inviting a new level of release and found a new love for stillness and reflection.

Now a 200hr registered yoga teacher, Jess is qualified in vinyasa, yin, restorative and nidra. Jess’ classes are influenced by Vinyasa and Ashtanga practices while embedding yin and restorative styles, complimented further with Ayurvedic Yoga massage techniques. Jess offers modifications and variations throughout her classes to make them accessible to all, builds awareness of the mind body connection and in turn, enables everyone to feel the many benefits of a holistic yoga practice.


Usui Reiki Practitioner

Eva is our Energy Healing Practitioner and Reiki is her craft. Eva’s calling to become a Reiki student magnified over a number of years and after some profound experiences during healing sessions, she embarked on her journey towards becoming a practitioner and sharing this life changing healing with others. Eva works intuitively with a combination of hands on and hands off techniques, along with the use of sound vibrations to enhance the experience.