Everyone deserves a chance to explore their own unique qualities and abilities. There are no negative experiences. Only opportunities to grow.

We’re big believers that Yoga is for everyone, no expectations, no judgement.

We’ve developed this 4 week course to guide you through the fundamentals of Yoga so that you have the foundations to make the practice a part of your lifestyle. Looking after yourself has never been more important so we want to give you the tools to do so with us and in your own time.

At the end of the course, we’ll be offering additional classes to allow you to refine what you have learnt and continue your Yoga journey.

Learn To Yoga | Program Breakdown

Learn To Yoga Fundamental Course

Our 4 week course consists of the following:

1 x FREE 15 minutes in-depth consultation

1 x hour of physical Asana practice a week (in studio)

1 x Meditation 101 weekend workshop (in studio)

1 x Pranayama | The Breath 101 weekend workshop (in studio)

Access to online videos for for Home practice:

4 x Asana practice – follow up from studio practice with Erica

1 x Guided Meditation with Gaby

1 x Guided Breath Awareness Class with Emily 

Total of 6 physical classes + 6 virtual classes

Investment £75 (save £20 – usually £95)

£10 reduction if attending Introductory Class

Learn To Yoga Fundamental Course + Choice of Any 4 Classes

All of the above + 

4 x additional in studio classes of choice 

1 x Guest Pass 

(both to use throughout the 4 weeks)

Investment £100 (save £25 – usually £125)

£10 reduction if attending Introductory Class

What You Will Learn


Thorough, in depth, confidence and strength building Hatha Yoga physical practice 

What you will learn

  • Sun Salutations – therapeutic qualities and learning to prepare the body for the day 
  • Pranayama – controlling the breath to balance the nervous system and still the mind
  • Confidence in the alignment of the basic postures
  • Methods of Relaxation 
  • Creating an accessible personal practice to take with you anywhere
  • Preparation to Deepen your practice 


Meditation has many benefits including increased sense of contentment, clarity of mind and a relaxed nervous system. We all know meditation to be something that’s good for us, but where do we start? Sitting alone with your thoughts can seem like a daunting or even overwhelming idea in the beginning, but with a little guidance can quickly become a really accessible tool to calm your mind and body whenever the need arises.

Gaby will introduce you to meditation and wellness practices, sharing a range of techniques to help you build your own rituals. 


Breath awareness is thoroughly integrated into the yoga tradition. It plays a role in every aspect of practice, from the performance of asanas to meditation. In fact, breath awareness is so important that it is not unusual for instructors to claim that without it, yoga is not yoga. As the breath flows out and in, learn to sense the experience of breathing and the small variations that take place in breath flow. 

Explore a variety of pranayama (breath control) techniques with Emily for optimum health. The breath is known to be the bridge between the inner and outer world, the ever present cycle that enables deep inner connection and peace.