Our bespoke treatments and holistic approach encourage you to show up for yourself in a frenetic world. We support your journey towards discovering how holistic health can benefit you individually as a whole and help you guide the body towards its own natural healing abilities.

Leg Revival + Reflexology

Revitalises the whole body through the stimulation of the reflexes in the feet, whilst the legs are uplifted, relieved of fatigue and muscular tension. A blissful 30 minute front and back of legs massage using medium to deep pressure, lymphatic drainage to flush away and eliminate heavy fluids and toxins; followed by a rebalancing 45 minutes Reflexology session to soothe the entire body.

By Lucy & Erica 75 Min £50 

Blended Body Therapy

A bespoke blend of myofascial release, therapeutic massage, deep massage, energy healing and breathwork creating a massage that considers the whole person and tailors treatment to their needs.
Each session is personalised to your needs and what your body is asking for in the moment, and no two sessions will be the same. The intention is to relieve tightness and tension whilst restoring fluidity and flexibility in the body wherever it is needed.

By Jeni 75/90 min £55/65

Body & Mind Cleanse | Intuitive Massage

Let go of blocked energy, lift the spirit and enhance your body awareness. Firm but sensitive massage techniques used. Intuitive and thorough, signature treatment.
A mindful choice of techniques used to work deeply through tense areas as well as soothe the body with soft touch. Always includes a head and face massage to relieve stress and induce pure stillness. Advised for those suffering from headaches, migraines, fatigue and restlessness. Sage used to cleanse and clear negative energy.

By Lucy & Erica 90/120 min £65/85

Detoxifying Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

Firm pressure focuses on dispersing of shoulder knots to improve circulation, oxygen levels and boost the immune system through lymphatic drainage.
A bespoke treatment that applies a combination of deep tissue, sports massage, deep trigger point and soft tissue release techniques. 45m > upper body with head.
60m > upper body with back of legs and head.
90m > full body.
120m > full body song extra time to focus on problem areas.

By Erica 45/60 min £40/45

90/120 min £65/85

Aroma Healing Treatment

Tailored essential oil blend combined with a light pressure massage and gentle manipulation of the soft tissues. An effective remedy that uses plants extracts to treat physical and emotional conditions.

By Lucy & Erica 45/60 min £40/55

Reinvigorating Swedish Massage

Superficial muscle tissue manipulation for decreased stress and improved range of motion. Designed to improve circulation and relax the entire body. This is accomplished by using medium pressure and rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart.

By Lucy & Erica 45/60 min £40/45

CBD Hemp Oil Massage

Lucy’s signature body massage that uses a blend of CBD Hemp Oil, Organic Herbs & Essential Oils.
You will experience a massage that works with your body holistically with the added benefit of CBD Oil to increase both wellness and relaxation.

By Lucy 45/60/90 min £40/50/70

Rebalancing Reflexology

A deeply relaxing and grounding massage. The ancient healing art of Reflexology uses the stimulation of pressure points in the feet to promote health via the body’s energetic pathways. Firm pressure and foot balm used throughout.

By Lucy & Erica 45/75 min £35/45

Mind Soothing || Hopi Ear Candling

A deeply relaxing ancient treatment to remove hard ear wax in a soothing manner.
Effective and non-invasive treatment that creates a sense of balance and lightness in the mind.
Negative energy in the head, face and neck regions is released throughout using light strokes and acupressure massage techniques. Advised as a single treatment or combined to any other massage therapies. Ideal for anyone suffering from sinus and ear congestion, headaches, migraines and poor sleeping patterns.

By Lucy & Erica 45 min £35

Deep Massage || The Lauterstein Method

A particular style of bodywork that adopts a firm yet gentle approach to create a profound impact on the nervous and myofascial systems. Deep massage has been described as the antidote to deep tissue massage that causes pain. It communicates deeply yet mindfully with the body whilst also feeling amazing. Applied as a full or partial body treatment, or combined with holistic massage, myofascial release, energy healing and breathwork to create a truly personalised package.

By Jeni 75/90 min £55/65

Moon Time Massage

A holistic, nurturing restorative massage to help relieve symptoms during menstruation. A balancing essential oil blend is applied to help balance hormones and restore calm. Extra attention is given to the abdomen, hips and lower back to help relieve cramping, fatigue, headaches, bloating and other symptoms associated to the moon cycle.
Recommended for the first couple of days of menstruation.

By Lucy 60/90 min £45/65

Indian Head Massage

Acupressure techniques manipulate the soft tissues on the upper back, neck, scalp and face to release uncomfortable build up of tension and stress. An effective ancient treatment that uses warming oils to soothe and nourish hair and skin.  You’ll be comfortably seated and invited to cosy up on a soft arm chair throughout the treatment.

By Lucy & Erica 45 min £35

Pre-Natal Massage

A relaxing massage to help with the stages of pregnancy. This can help with stress, muscle tension, fluid retention and circulation. Pregnancy massage has lots of benefits for the Mother to be as well as the baby. Please note that we can carry out this treatment after the first trimester – 12 weeks only.

By Lucy 60/90 min £45/65

Myofascial Release Therapy

A treatment that works with both the physical and emotional body – the whole of you. It uses gentle sustained pressure, combined with heat from the therapist’s hands, to encourage the fascia to reorganise, lengthen and release. Most of the techniques are held for five minutes or longer, allowing the myofascial network across the body to rearrange as well as stimulating the production of anti-inflammatory agents.

By Jeni 75/90 min £55/65

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a natural, safe, energy-focused Japanese relaxation technique that promotes spiritual, emotional and physical healing. It can be an excellent complementary treatment for those trying to manage a chronic health condition or who are under a lot of stress.

The treatment doesn’t require you to undress so, we suggest wearing comfortable clothes to fully unwind and enjoy the experience.

By Eva 1st session 75 min incl. consultation £45 > All following 60 min £40

Therapeutic massage

An incredibly grounding and integrating massage individually designed rather than using a standardised routine, with the intention of relieving tightness and tension and restoring fluidity and flexibility in the body wherever it is needed. Tailored and applied as a full-body treatment, or as an approach that concentrates on a few key areas while giving intention to the whole person.

By Jeni 75/90 min £55/65

CBD Oil & Rose Quartz Facial

A Holistic Facial which cleanses and exfoliates the face with a Himalayan Salt scrub, followed by a nourishing facial mask, a healing massage for your face, neck and arms using CBD oil and a combination of a Rose Quartz roller which can reduce tension, improve circulation, lymphatic drainage and can help soothe and restore the skin.

By Lucy 60 min £50