To receive the maximum benefit from your treatment we have included some guidelines to be mindful of.


Enjoy a warm shower or bath before your massage to gently warm up your muscles.

Eat lightly – a heavy meal means that your body will have to work too hard digesting it, preventing you from thorough relaxation.

Avoid alcohol before a treatment.

Don’t have a massage if you have flu, a fever or any infectious conditions. Wait until you are over the worst & then let a treatment help to restore your system’s balance.


Drink plenty of water for the rest of the day, as the kidneys will be actively eliminating toxins and require extra fluids to restore balance.

 Avoid alcohol, smoking and excessive tea or coffee drinking for 24hrs as this can have dehydrating effect. Give your body time to cleanse and replenish.

Avoid any strenuous activity, aim to fit in exercise before your treatment.

Take a warm Epsom Salt bath to further aide in the detoxification process and prevent muscle soreness.

Avoid heavy meals, this will give your body time to heal concentrate on natural healing and restore nutrients.

If possible, take a nap, practice meditation soft stretching, or get to bed early that evening. 


Reactions as a result of a treatment (if any) are usually mild. Clients may occasionally experience any of the following: 

  •  Tiredness 
  •  Headache 
  •  Dizzy sensations
  •  Nausea 
  •  Changed energy levels 

*Increasing your water intake will help to ease these symptoms. Also try some fresh lemon, raw ginger or ginger tea to ease nausea.